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Build Through Relationships

If customers view you as a trusted authority, they will want to work with you!

Marketing can shape your client's impression of you, and it can automate relationship building. If you build a relationship with your clients, you will get more listings. And if your customers see you as a friend, they are more likely to use your services later. The question is, how can you build a relationship with hundreds, or even thousands of clients?

If you are not using digital marketing, to scale your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity

Digital marketing can open up channels for you that you don't have elsewhere. Using technology, you can reach your database of clients regularly, and present yourself as an expert realtor. If done correctly, this will generate repeat business and referrals!

When you first meet a potential client you begin a journey with them.

How you manage that relationship, and how you present yourself will determine if you will become their real estate agent for life.

If you feel like marketing isn't delivering the results you expect, you are not alone.

If this sounds like you, we feel your pain, and we can help!

You are juggling so many things, you don't have the time to do everything.

You're wasting money buying leads that never convert.

Build Your Foundation First

If you don't have a database of contacts yet, start with the basics. will guide you through these foundational steps.

Lead Report

The key is to focus on your existing contacts!

Most realtors use the shotgun approach to marketing, “hoping and praying” the right person sees it. It works better to focus on people who you know, either past clients or friends and family.

Here is what you get when you join

Automate Social Media

You get social content automatically posted on your Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin business pages. Everything is done for you. But you still have control, you can customize your wall, by choosing from 64 different categories of post types.

Get Leads

You have access to proven lead recipes. Each recipe comes with an tested Facebook ad, custom agent branded landing pages, and follow up emails and text notifications that go to you and your client. We can drive leads for just about any niche in real estate.

Referrals & Repeat Business

Each month you get a themed marketing campaign, that targets your existing clients to generate referrals and repeat business. Each campaign includes: blog post, newsletter, social media posts, video scripts, follow up text messages and more. These campaigns are emailed to you each month.

Agent Website

You get custom landing pages that generate different kinds of real estate leads. We have funnels for Land leads, 1031 Exchange, Seller Leads, Home Value, New Construction, Downpayment Assistance, and many more. Each page is branded to you, so customers can find you online.

Automate Listings

Automate Your Listings

Connect your account to your MLS, and automatically import and advertise your house listings. Your listings will automatically post to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can set a $10 budget and automatically advertise each listings you put up for sale. No more manual setup, this is all automated for you.

Templates & Scripts

Templates & Scripts

Take advantage of pre-built marketing templates. You can access email templates, listing presentations, voice mail scripts, text message follow ups, and a new video script each month. You also have access to training so you know how and when to use each template.

Customer Feedback

Abreanna Garza

“With being a newer agent, I haven't been introduced to many companies like Boostable Media, so I didn't quite understand the value it could bring to my business. However, after meeting with Rob and seeing the presentation, I am very excited to get started. It is everything I have wanted for my business, I just never knew how to get started until now.”

Become the Real Estate Agent that Everyone Loves!

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