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Keeping up with social media takes time

If you struggle writing effective Facebook posts you’re not alone. Many agents complain about this. specializes in making high quality content for real estate agents.

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Real estate agents deserve a great reputation provides content 30 days in advance. Agents have access to edit all posts and save changes.
Agents may also advertise individual posts, or choose to advertise all posts.

Agent branded property websites are included

Custom property websites are included at no extra cost. When you list a home, we build a property website for you. And unlike some providers, we don’t share your leads with anyone else. Your leads are exclusively yours.

Exclusivity is on a per session basis. Per MLS regulations listing agents are displayed in the detail section.
Leads are also routed to the listing agent. can change your life

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“I used to be embarrassed about my Facebook wall, I didn’t have time to do it right, and it showed. But when started managing my Facebook wall, instantly it looked better. The best part is how they automate my listings. I can even automate advertising my listings, which is a time saver for me, and a way to market my homes. I use this in my listing presentations now, and homeowners love it.”

- Michelle Macpherson, Mechanicsburg PA

“I’ve had the absolute privilege to work with for a while now, and I am quite certain that I do not know any company who is more passionate and dedicated to agent’s success than they are. There are not many lead gen companies in this world that I would categorize as “A Players” - but is one of the select few. Any agent that has the chance to work with should consider themselves extremely fortunate.”

- Andrew Barber, Fort Worth, TX

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Billing is month to month. Your Facebook advertising budget is billed separately in your agent account.


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Receive a quality social media post on your Facebook wall, every other day.

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Lead Generation Plan

Housing Ads typically generate leads between 60 cents and $1.50 per lead.

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What's included

  • Automate Listings
  • Ads Management*
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn, Twitter (coming soon)
  • Custom Property Websites
  • Home Value Website
  • 64 Categories of Premium Content

Facebook Advertising

Did you know there is a difference between boosting a post and advertising a post? Boosting only targets your friends. But if you want to target home buyers, you need to advertise to a custom audience. Don’t worry, we will do this for you!

Buyer Leads
Seller Leads
Information is approximate but not guaranteed.
You control your ad budget in your agent account. Facebook charges you for your advertising spend. manages your advertising campaigns for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We post several different kinds of content to your wall: home listings, real estate articles, videos, local restaurants, school reviews, and real estate market graphs. We recommend posting every other day, for a consistent presence so people think of you first. Our Property Websites are optimized to collect buyer leads, and you can capture seller leads through our Home Valuation landing page.